at SB'24 TOKYO-Marunouchi

We’re committed to reducing the environmental impact of Sustainable Brands conferences by enlisting our community in the sustainable production of our events and improving our host communities’ sustainability initiatives and performance.

We continued to implement sustainability initiatives at the event.
SB’23 TOKYO-Marunouchi was held as a carbon-neutral event.
In addition to utilizing the TOKYO MICE Sustainability Guidelines, which we have been working on since 2020, we have to calculate CO2 emissions since 2022, and by utilizing the carbon offsets program.

Know Before You Go

Bring your own bottle

Please bring your own bottle as much as possible.

Take public transit

Please use public transportation as far as possible

Choose Carbon Offset Travel Plane

Be a warm biz

Please consider using cardigans, mufflers, inner wear with high thermal insulation, and rugs.
SB TOKYO Carbon Offset Travle Plan

We Do


  • Share procurement policies favoring ethical and sustainably produced products and services with suppliers and request cooperation
  • Sources locally produced ingredients
  • Selects recyclable and/or reuseable materials

Energy and water

Organizing a Carbon-neutral event

  • Calculate and Measure Scope 3 Emissions
  • Calculate GHG emissions & carbon offsets for the entire event
  • Promotion of Warm Biz (reduce the reliance on heaters)
  • Provides public transport and walking information to participants


  • Reduce emissions by visualizing waste types, quantities, and disposal methods
  • Improved material recycling rate by reviewing decorative materials and construction methods
  • Installation of water servers (reduction of plastic and paper waste)
  • Strives to minimize food waste
  • Reduces use of plastic products

Management and human resources

  • Bilingual suppor(JP-EN)
  • Approachies Religious diversity with flexibility and awareness
  • Offer formal program for next generations
  • Consideration for gender balance of speakers
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion in employment
  • Conduct audits based on universal design guidelines

Local community

  • Offer fomal program for MICE and DMO-accredited corporations
  • Conduct a program for teacher with cooporation with Board of education
  • Cooporatiton with Local DMO (DMO Tokyo Marunouch)
  • Offer a formal program of contribution to the local community and legacy